Construction Appreciation Week

Last week our industry celebrated Construction Appreciation Week from September 14-18, 2020.  This is a week designated to honor the Construction Industry’s current workforce and promote its value to the country’s economy.

The week also provided a good opportunity to share information on viable career paths in the Construction Industry to inspire its future workforce.  In response, the MV Apprenticeship Coordinators Group supported by its partnership with the Montgomery County Educational Services Center participated in virtual meetings with educators and students.  A remote platform was opted in support of guidelines set to meet challenges of COVID-19.

On Day One, Eugene Frazier, Sheet Metal Workers Training Director, explained apprenticeship training and shared specific information on the Sheet Metal Workers training program.  His presentation included a virtual tour of the Program’s training center and a welding demonstration.


On Day Two, Eric Gray, Electricians Training Director, and his Assistant Anthony Henderson presented.  They provided a tour of the Electricians training center, discussed program requirements, introduced tools used on the job, and spoke of pride felt when driving by finished projects they had worked.

On Day 3, Eugene Frazier and George Boots, Painters & Finishers Training Director, interacted with Miamisburg HS Career Exploration Classes.  A video “Build with the Best” was shown to introduce all trades affiliated with the Construction Industry.  The Group members discussed a typical day as an apprentice, apprentice training benefits, and answered students’ Q&A.

Overall, the MV Apprenticeship Coordinators Group shared information on viable careers in the Construction Industry via zoom meetings.  The presentations were taped so students and educators can view on YouTube, at their convenience.